Meet Dr. Wendy Weimer

Dentistry is everything to me. By the time I was 13, I knew I wanted to be a dentist. At that age I loved visiting my own dentist and was fascinated by the equipment, tools, and processes!

Being a dentist is about caring for and getting to know people. While I focus on an individual’s oral health, my greater concern is for the health, happiness, and wellbeing of the person who owns the smile. I have a problem-solving personality, so I love figuring out how to help people resolve issues: when a patient finishes a visit with a problem solved and questions answered, I’m so glad to have helped!

As a general and family dentist, I have the pleasure to spend time and become friends with people of all ages and from diverse walks of life. I love interacting with patients, learning about them, their families, their lives, and what’s important to them. These conversations enrich my world and make me feel more connected, both to my patients – who have become an extension of my family – and to our community.

Background and Education

I graduated dental school in 2001 and have practiced dentistry since then, but my career in the field started earlier: prior to dental school I was a dental assistant for eight years.

I grew up in Gladstone, Missouri, where I graduated from Oak Park High School. Next came a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Park College, in Parkville.

My Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) was awarded by the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Dentistry, in 2001. Staying at UMKC School of Dentistry, I then completed a one-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency in 2002.

Ongoing Learning and Professional Activities and Affiliations

Oral healthcare, like all areas of medicine, is constantly advancing. Research leads to new materials, methodologies, and technologies, all of which have the potential to improve patient care and outcome. Being involved in continuing education (CE) keeps me up-to-date on leading-edge technologies, as well as new and more predictable treatments for the benefit of patients.

In addition to attending CE meetings, lectures, and seminars, I am involved in training and grading for the Missouri Dental Association’s Expanded Function Dental Assistant program. Teaching dental assistants helps the profession and helps me train my staff to be the best!

I currently serve as Chair of the Committee on Articles and Bylaws of the Missouri Dental Association House of Delegates and as a delegate, and am President of the Greater Kansas City Dental Society. Additionally, I am a member of the American Dental Association and have earned a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry.

Beyond the Office

Much of my free time is spent with my family at our home in Parkville. David, my husband, and I have been married for 25 years. We have a 17-year old son, Joe, and our family is rounded out with Han Solo, our dog, and Cleo, our cat.

When the weather is nice, I love being outside and working in the yard. I also enjoy crafting. In fact, I commandeered an extra room in our home and transformed it into a craft room. Now I spend a lot of time and money making things that I then force my family and staff to take!

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